Led by fearless leader Captain Syrup, the Brown Sugar Pirates are a band of greedy pirates in Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers universe. Mario has never tangled with them, but Wario knows them quite well. In Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land Wario learned of the pirate home base, Kitchen Island, and of the large golden statue of Princess Toadstool that they had stolen. Ever greedy, Wario traveled to the island and journeyed across the land searching for the statue. He planned to steal it from the pirates and ransom it back to Mario. On his way through the island Wario faced off against the minor members of the pirate gang, such as the boomerang-wielding duck and the mace-throwing mole. A series of larger, more deadly pirates appeared at the end of certain levels. Making up the bulk of the Brown Sugar muscle, these bosses consisted of a spiked turtle, a horned bull, a pointy-hatted penguin, a large looming face with a wicked tongue, a scary ghost, and a massive bird with nothing left to lose. Wario defeated them all one by one, and in the end he scaled Castle Syrup and located the captain herself. Armed with a magic lamp and a genie she tried to destroy Wario, but in the end Wario managed to bring the genie under his own control. Captain Syrup escaped and triggered the castle's self destruct plan, blowing the castle to bits. Wario escaped the blast as well and went on to wish for a new castle.

Wario assumed the captain had died in the blast, but she went into hiding and, with her main muscle dead, recruited a band of spear-wielding gooms (small, wandering creatures native to Kitchen Island. The new Black Sugar Gang, as she called her new troop, invaded Wario's new castle one night and stole his treasures in a scheme of revenge. In Wario Land 2 Wario chased the captain and her gang across a wide variety of places including his own castle, the city, a sunken temple, and other places full of hazards. In the end Wario caught up to them, stole his treasure back, and defeated Captain Syrup. There are several endings in Wario Land 2, but the one constant in all of them is that Syrup and her three most loyal gooms are blasted into the sky. They haven't been seen since. It would seem that the Brown Sugar Pirates are finally no more.

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