Brogla is an Australian aboriginal spirit of dancing. She appears to have been made into such a spirit by the whirlwinds, which the aborigines considered to be nature's dancers.

Brogla is also a dancing bird featured on the Queensland Coat of Arms since 1977 and which is the official bird emblem of Queensland as of 1986. The bird is mostly gray, except for a red head and neck and black wingtips. The bird is a member of the crane family, and its body structure shows it.

The brogla bird had a hand in creating the sun. During the time when there was no sun and humans hunted by the perpetual light of the moon, she and the emu were one day arguing over who had the best offspring. The emu was fairly hard-headed and the frustrated brogla decided to steal the emu's egg. She threw the egg into the sky and it smashed open on some sticks, whereupon the yolk burst into flames and lit the whole planet. The people in the sky saw this and decided that the whole light thing was good enough to keep around, so they started the practice of lighting a fire in the sky every day when they saw the morning star. That didn't really work out, since the people in the sky couldn't always see the morning star, so they asked the kookaburra to signal when he saw it from then on.


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