Broca's area is located in the left frontal lobe of the brain, part of what is known as the secondary motor cortex. This region was discovered to play a role in language production by French physician Pierre Paul Broca in 1861.

This area is involved in language planning, sequencing and production. It connects to Wernicke's area (language comphrehension) via the arcuate fasciculus pathway. Damage to Broca's area can result in nonfluent aphasia: an inability to produce language, but with comprehension intact.

       _--    \ 2  ---_
      /   1   /        \
     |     _B_\       3|
      \  _/     W     _/
       \/__ 4   ___--- 
1. Frontal lobe
2. Parietal lobe
3. Occipital lobe
4. Temporal lobe
W. Wernicke's area
B. Broca's area

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