Current host of Special Report with Brit Hume on the Fox News Channel, from 6pm to 7pm weekdays and works as a pundit for Fox News Sunday, check your local listings. Brit Hume joined Fox News in 1997 after fleeing ABC News with 23 years of experience under his belt. Mr. Hume had been promoted to chief White House correspondent for ABC News in 1989, producing clips for World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Nightline, and This Week, winning an emmy in 1991 for his coverage of the Gulf War.

Mr. Hume was a newspaper reporter before his departure to television news, working at the Hartford Times and the Baltimore Evening Sun. He is the author of Death in the Mines and Inside Story.

Mr. Hume's starring role, Special Report with Brit Hume, is often under fire from left wing media analysis groups such as FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, as they claim that the show, and to a larger extent, Fox News Channel, is baised towards conservatives, to which Mr. Hume has replied, "I'm a little skeptical of (FAIR's) credibility because it's a very tendentious source. . . . The show's not about me, nor is it about my views." Special Report begain in 1998 as a daily hour-long update to the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal.

Mr. Hume is also the host of the video, "Brit Hume's Survival Guide to Microsoft Windows 95", in a role completely deviating from politics.

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