BrikWars is a wargame invented by Mike Rayhawk, intended to be played with plastic building bricks (such as Lego), though it could be played with any kind of toy. The game has a rebellious attitude towards its own rules, and encourages players to ignore, change or make up the rules. Whether you like this or not is a matter of personal taste. I found this very relieving after having played Warhammer 40,000 for many years.

Another thing that sets BrikWars apart is that it allows for battle between any armies. Yes, any armies. You can have jedis riding crocodiles fighting pirate mecha armed with banana guns if you wish to, but it's just as easy to use more traditional forces.

The only problem I have with the game is that some equipment is a bit unbalanced. But thanks to the nature of BrikWars, I can change that if I want to. And anything else.

The rules for BrikWars can be downloaded freely from

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