Bright Blue Gorilla are Michael Glover and Robyn Rosencrantz from Los Angeles, California. They play music that's somewhere inbetween folk and pop, mostly unplugged (as far as that's possible in larger venues). They both sing and use instruments like guitar, violin, mini-guitar, foot percussion, mystic drum and flute.

The best thing about Bright Blue Gorilla is their sense of humor, which clearly comes across in their lyrics. A good example is The Ballad of Sid and Mary Ann.

Bright Blue Gorila have released six albums so far:

  • Bright Blue Gorilla (1993)
  • Sunflower Sky (1994)
  • Mantra for the American Jungle (1996)
  • Strange Strange Dream (1996)
  • Icecream... and other flavors (1998)
  • Lotus (2000)
They were rewarded with "Best cd of the year" and "Best Live Act of the Year" in Los Angeles. They played over 1000 gigs in Europe and the US, they supported Suzanne Vega, Fish, Mary Black, Townes Van Zandt and Luka Bloom, and made two videoclips, as seen on MTV.
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