When you spy the name of your home-town in Wertperch's nodeshell challenge, your overall hatred of the place tends to get superseded by the thought that you might be somewhat of an authority on the subject. Or at least an authority in the sense that you know what pubs to go into if getting bottled is on your to-do list.

The Obligatory History Bit

The port and settlement of Bridgwater (or Brigg as it was then known) has existed since at least 800AD, when it appeared in the Saxon Chronicles. It wasn't until around 1200Ad, however, that the town started thriving. With permission to bridge the river Parrett, the port became a vibrant trading post and Bridgwater Castle was built. It was this bridge that the town owed much of its success too: preventing ships from traveling further down river to Taunton, Bridgwater capitalised on their trade.
Both the English civil war and the Monmouth Rebellion took heavy tolls on the town, destroying the castle and creating the last battle on English soil, The Battle of Sedgemoor, near the neighboring village of Westonzoyland. The Guy Fawkes plot celebrations also evolved into an event shaping the town, that being the Carnival held on the first Friday of November. It is supposedly the largest illuminated event in the world.

So Where Is This Magical Place?

Bridgwater is in the county of Somerset in South West England. It lies on both the River Parrett and M5 motorway, linking it to Taunton and Burnham-On-Sea directly, and putting in just within commuting distance of the city of Bristol.

Why should I avoid it?

Boasting such attractions and sites of tourist interest such as closed factories, a high street containing an Edinburgh Woolen Mill and not a great deal else, and a Mecca bingo, you can see why tourists flock in their tens to this great town. With a thriving nightlife, a tourist can experience the sticky, Disaronno scented Palace night club along with a wide selection of bars and pubs littering the streets. Bridgwater has more fine purveyors of alcoholism per capita than anywhere else in the country, but don't feel you should be restricted to drinking in bars- a joyous night can be had for all ages drinking in the towns several parks.

Okay, but seriously, there must be some good things?

Arriving at the train station, you'll see signs telling you you're arriving at the home of Bridgwater College. With campuses dotted around a lot of the county, it is quite a large place, and also offers university level and adult courses. Separate from that, there is a cinema, and in the next few years a swimming pool will be opening. September of ever year, there is also a fair (what you Mercans call a carnival) which is generally quite enjoyable, and in November there is the aforementioned carnival (what you Mercans call a parade). As far as I'm aware, we've also never featured in any of the crap towns books, which I suppose must be something.

Happy traveling!

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