Ice cream, a division of the Good Humor company. They make their ice cream using the fewest, simplest ingredients - milk, cream, sugar and flavorings like vanilla, chocolate or real strawberries. Breyers makes the best store-bought ice cream because it doesn't have strange gums, flavorings and other unnatural things.
It costs about $4.00/half gallon, but where I live they often have 2 for 5 dollar sales. The company has existed for over 130 years.

Stay away from the "Homemade" stuff. It has the aforementioned nasty ingredients, not to mention it tastes like crap.

Breyers also makes the delectable Vienneta. Vienetta is a "loaf" of tasty ice cream with thin layers of chocolate. It comes in a large size, or boxes with four smaller, individually-wrapped Vienetta's. Available flavors of Vienetta are vanilla, "triple chocolate" and (my favorite) cappucino, made with coffee ice cream and I think some vanilla.

They also make a low-fat variety of ice cream, but the stuff is really not worth it. It has some of those fake ingredients, it has an icey texture, and it tastes artificial.

The next product they make is frozen yogurt, which is ostensibly healthier, but it tastes kinda funny. Also Not Worth It.

Lastly, they have a variety of sherbet. The orange sherbet I've tasted is probably the best sherbet I've had, but that isn't saying a whole lot. Its tasty also.

To sum it up, Breyers' Natural, Vienetta, and Sherbets are good. Light ice cream and frozen yogurt are, IMO, icky.
BTW the strawberry is absolutely delectable.

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