Breastfeeding Matters: What we need to know about infant feeding
by Maureen Minchin

This is a wonderful book. The title is a play on words. It is about those things that matter to breastfeeding success and this is important because breastfeeding is important or matters.

The book is an informative yet a fun read for the right person. It challenges us to change our paradigm regarding infant feeding; to stop thinking that formula is an adequate substitute and instead to recognize it a choice of last resort. It challenges the notion of not making a formula feeding family feel guilty by pussyfooting about with the truth. It challenges the medical professional to use science not habit in dealing with breastfeeding problems. The thought provoking text is especially strong on allergy issues and mastitis) and on the politics of health care system(s). Minchen’s editorial stance is that the health care system is not doing a very good job.

Minchin is a native Australian and so puts most emphasis on that nation's political issues but much of her information is international in scope.

The book does ramble a bit. I was privileged to room with Maureen at a work session for the IBLCE exam committee. She is a brilliant and often 3 steps ahead of the rest in her thought process. Sadly, that makes her writing a bit difficult to follow.

This book is appropriate for both parents and health care providers but one would have to be really interested in the subject matter to overcome the lack of cohesion in the presentation.

The best thing about this book is the way it challenges one to think in new directions.

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