A comic book character created by Erik Larsen. He first appeared in Savage Dragon #23. Brainiape is the mutated brain of Adolf Hitler, stuck inside a glass globe, and mounted into the body of a big, stinky gorilla. No, I'm serious.

The ape is stronger than normal, and the brain is capable of independent movement. In the past, when deprived of the gorilla's body, it has run around on four legs and even held and shot a raygun. It can also see, hear, and speak on its own. It also has a number of psychic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis.

Brainiape is primarily a joke-villain; he keeps trying to take over Chicago's criminal Vicious Circle organization, but everyone hates him because he's a Nazi bastard, he stinks, and he attracts flies. He often tangles with the Dragon, and he nearly always gets humiliated.

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