Billed as being from the comedy team that brought you Airplane and the Reagan Administration, this is a retelling of A Night At The Opera, the Marx Brothers movie. John Turturro is Roland T. Flakfizer, the Groucho role. An ambulance chasing (literally) shyster lawyer who has the ear of a society matron Lillian Oglethorpe Nancy Marchand. This could be seen as a cheap rip-off of a Marx Bros movie, but the stylistic direction is paced so different from contemporaneous movies that I believe the intent was to pay faithful homage to the grand masters. Bob Nelson plays the Harpo role nicely, with some great sight gags, and Mel Smith is Rocco Meloncheck, a brilliant Chico stand in. Turturro is surprisingly adept at the slapstick comedy and while the love subplot is weak and uninteresting (as it was in the original Marx Bros movies) it is definitely one of the better minor comedies of the early 1990's.

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