Brail (?), n. [OE. brayle furling rope, OF. braiol a band placed around the breeches, fr.F. braies, pl., breeches, fr.L. braca, bracae, breeches, a Gallic word; cf. Arm. bragez. Cf. Breeches.]

1. Falconry

A thong of soft leather to bind up a hawk's wing.

2. pl. Naut.

Ropes passing through pulleys, and used to haul in or up the leeches, bottoms, or corners of sails, preparatory to furling.


A stock at each end of a seine to keep it stretched.


© Webster 1913.

Brail, v. t. Naut.

To haul up by the brails; -- used with up; as, to brail up a sail.


© Webster 1913.

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