To Iceberg Slim and his contemporaries, this was jivespeak for the main woman in a pimp's stable. She was called the bottom woman, because she served as the foundation of his business, and was usually his first girl. A good bottom woman would work with the pimp to help keep the other girls in line, and act as a spy to let him know what they were thinking. She would do this in order to curry favor with the pimp, and ensure that she remained the top of the pathetic little heap.

A bad bottom woman was trouble, and needed immediate attention, usually in the form of a smackdown. Otherwise, the rest of the stable could lose respect, for the pimp. A clever pimp would sometimes avoid the smackdown, and threaten to abandon her instead. If a pimp had been sufficiently manipulative, she would beg her daddy not to leave her, and promise to work even harder for her money. This would also have a galvanizing effect on the other girls, as it would demonstrate that they all were expendable.

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