This is probably the easiest dessert in the world except for peaches and cream, but it looks fabulous and tastes even better. Here's how you swing it:


  • At least 3 different kinds of soft fruit - anything goes really, but I like the flavour & colour combination of canned peaches, blackberries and raspberries. Using berries has the added advantage of being able to produce lovely fruity desserts relatively late in the year.
  • Some brandy.
  • 1 container whipping or double cream.
  • If you're using tart fruits like kiwis or redcurrants, some icing sugar wouldn't go amiss.

Prepare the fruit: small berries like raspeberries should be washed but left whole. Bigger fruit like peaches or kiwis should be cut (very approximately) into 1cm by 1cm cubes.

Layer the fruit in tall see through glasses - large wine glasses are the best, but anything see through would work. Use one type of fuit per layer to create a nice visual effect. Sprinkle the layers with icing sugar if/as required.

Pour generous amounts of brandy (OK I'll be precise - about 1/4 of a cup) over and in each fruit cup. Put in the fridge until serving.

Just before serving, whip the cream until it's thick but soft - we don't want the ice cream parlour crisp white fluffiness here, we want homy organic goodness. Spoon the cream liberally over the fuit. Serve. Eat. Yum.

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