The Boeing MD-11, nee McDonnell Douglas MD-11, was designed by McDonnell Douglas as a replacement for the DC-10, the company's only entry in the widebody aircraft field. Physically, the MD-11 is only slightly different from the DC-10: it's about 19 feet longer, and has winglets (the winglets being the only way to tell an MD-11 from a DC-10 at a glance). The first production MD-11 was delivered on December 7, 1990 and is currently owned by Gemini Air Cargo: the last was delivered in February 2001 and now flies freight for Lufthansa. 200 were built in total.

Capacity: 285 passengers in three class configuration (24-57-204), 410 in economy class configuration
Range: Up to 13,230 km (8,225 mi)
Dry weight: 133,450 kg (294,200 lb)
Powerplant: Three Pratt & Whitney PW4460 engines or General Electric CF6-80C2
Major operators: Delta Airlines, FedEx, Varig, Swiss, China Airlines, Alitalia, Eva Air, KLM, Finnair, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines

Five of the 200 MD-11's produced have suffered hull loss accidents. They are:

  1. FedEx flight 14, Newark International Airport, July 31, 1997
  2. Swissair flight 111, Nova Scotia, September 2, 1998 (all 229 passengers and crew killed)
  3. Korean Air flight 6316 (cargo), Shanghai, April 15, 1999
  4. Mandarin Airlines flight 642, Chek Lap Kok, August 22, 1999 (incidentally, the airplane from the All your base are belong to us animation)
  5. FedEx flight 87, Subic Bay, October 17, 1999
In addition, the plane that crashed in the movie Cast Away was a FedEx MD-11.

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