UPDATE, OCTOBER 1st: Blue Horse Trading Co. has recently abandoned all vestiges of table-top/hobby gaming and is concentrating solely on leather production. Rest in peace.

Another place in Old Town!

Blue Horse Trading Co. is a store that sells TCG's, Warhammer and Warhammer 40k models, Dungeons and Dragons necessities, hosts LAN parties (computer), and makes leather clothing and/or items. (An odd combination, to see the D&D miniatures next to the assless chaps.)

The actual place is a tad bigger than the Ninth Sphere of Phyrexia. There are various posters advocating nerd paraphernalia, and caricatures of the stores owners by an unknown artist. A rather large section in the middle of the store is barred (caged) off. Behind said cages are a multitude of devices used to tan leather, various television sets, and other trinkets. A showcase near the cashier exhibits some of the superb Warhammer miniatures fashioned by the residents of the store.

There are plenty of tables where one can get their game on, as well. Though, ever since the launch of Magic: the Gathering Online, the attendance to the store has declined.

The store is run by a man by the name of J.D. He is roughly the size of a rhinoceros, and enjoys airsoft, beating us silly in Magic: the Gathering, and painting Warhammer figurines.

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