The word 'blowtube' has gained common use on college campuses to refer to a tube of some sort (i.e. cardboard from a paper towel roll or a 20 oz. drink bottle with the bottom cut out) stuffed with dryer sheets. It is used mainly in non-smoking dorms to cover the smell of burned marijuana. Smoke is blown through it in order to lessen the smell. Most effective when combined with a towel at the foot of the door to prevent any smell from escaping into the hall.

Also known as a "doobtube."

Blow"tube` (?), n.


A blowgun.



A similar instrument, commonly of tin, used by boys for discharging paper wads and other light missiles.

3. Glassmaking

A long wrought iron tube, on the end of which the workman gathers a quantity of "metal" (melted glass), and through which he blows to expand or shape it; -- called also blowing tube, and blowpipe.


© Webster 1913.

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