A Yankee ship came down the river
Blow, boys, blow!
Her masts and spars they shone like silver
Blow my bully boys blow!

How do you know she's a Yankee liner?
The Stars and Stripes float out behind her.

How do you know she's a Yankee packet?
They fired a gun, I heard the racket

And who d'you think is the captain of her?
Why, Bully Hayes is the captain of her.

Oh, Bully Hayes, he loves us sailors;
Yes, he does like hell and blazes!

And who d'you think is the mate aboard her:
Santander James is the mate aboard her.

Santander James, he's a rocket from hell, boys,
He'll ride you down as you ride the spanker.

And what d'you think they've got for dinner?
Pickled eels' feet and bullock's liver.

Then blow, my bullies, all together,
Blow, my boys, for better weather.

Blow, boys, blow, the sun's drawing water;
Three cheers for tlhe cook and one for his daughter.

A Yankee ship on the Congo River,
Her masts they bend and her sails they shiver.

(English sea shanty -- original author unknown)

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