A software pseudo-company, best known for Nogginnockers, a bloody, bloody Pong clone. In reality, it was just two guys, who went by the aliases of Hellbent Deathspew and sardu. sardu is also known for writing one of the better Nintendo Entertainment System emulators, NESticle. Currently, they are located at bloodlust.zophar.net.

The guys over at Bloodlust also wrote Genecyst and Callus, two of the best Genesis and Capcom System 1 (CPS-1) emulators available. Both were written several years ago, but they are still competitive in features and technology today. The landscape covered by Callus was eventually sucked into MAME. Genecyst is being caught up to, and in many ways surpassed by other great emulators, such as DGen, and Gens.

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