After noticing a plethora of snuggie-based nodes appearing, I thought I would write about the Japanese addition to the blanket-with-sleeves pantheon, the aptly named Blansleeve or BURANSURIBU (I'd write this in katakana but my computer doesn't have it.)In basic terms, the Blansleeve is a snuggie that also does up at the back and comes with a handy front pocket. Personally I find it much more practical (if a blanket with sleeves can ever be called practical.) You can buy them online at: Rakuten.

A friend of mine recently bought a snuggie and I have since been taunting her about the snuggie's obvious inferiority to the brilliance that is the Blansleeve. She paid almost thirty bucks for a second-hand snuggie since you can't buy them in New Zealand. She should have at least invested in a pocket if she was going to spend her parents' hard-earned cash on one in the first place (as you my have noticed by the latent sarcasm present in this article, I personally find all such sleeved blankets a bit of a waste of time and money.)

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