Biphobia encompasses a range of negative feelings geared at and expressed in regards to either bisexual persons or the bisexual community as a whole, spawning from misconceptions and stereotypes about bisexuality.

These feelings are prevalent in both the heterosexual and homosexual community. While the fear expressed by the heterosexual community is not really a surprise as it goes along the same vein as homophobia, the fact that many homosexual people show blatant biphobia may surprise many.

Homosexuals often disregard bisexuality as non-existent, bolstered by the fact that many gay men and lesbian women go through a “bisexual phase” before they come out as swinging completely in one direction. As such, many people who label themselves as bisexual are seen with wary eye and put into the category of someone who is still confused or not comfortable admitting they are gay or lesbian.

Common biphobic views include:

  • Bisexuals are more promiscuous since they’re attracted to both sexes.
  • Not dating a bisexual because you’ll never be sure who they're attracted to.
  • Thinking that someone labels themselves “bisexual” because it’s trendy.

Josh Jasper offers an explanation in his article in the blog Alas:

Bisexuals are threatening, both to heterosexuals and homosexuals. Sarah In Chicago writes that some biphobia in the LGBT community might come from a fear that bisexuals will be used as evidence that gay people can 'change'. Mythago makes the comment that the lesbian communities' biphobia is responsible for so many bi women winding up with men.

The full article can be found here:

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