A very funny science fiction book by Harry Harrison that spawned a series of books after it which aren't nearly as good. Deals with an unlikely hero named Bil (real name of Bill, but two "L"s for officers only, bub!) who got conned into joining the military and has a rather long series of misadventures from that point on.

KILL THE CHINGERS! Would you want a chinger to marry your sister??
The real beauty of Bill the Galactic Hero was the scathing social commentary. Despite the very non-serious nature of this series, it ranks right up there with Starship Troopers and The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted as one of the best sci-fi/military/social commentary books of all time.

Central to this scathing commentary was the never-ending war with the Chingers, a lizardlike race portrayed as being enormous, endowed with venom-dripping fangs and motivated only by the desire to do bad things to humans. In actuality, the Chingers were tiny lizards, perhaps the size of a small domestic cat, and they were in fact rather intelligent and peaceful.

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