One of the first British children's TV programmes. The brainchild of Freda Lingstrom, the first head of BBC children's television. Created as part of Watch with Mother, and first broadcast in 1952.
Bill and Ben were two identical puppets who lived a bizarre existence in flowerpots at the bottom of the garden, and talked to each other in a weird language including their catchphrase 'Falobadobs'. They were made out of flowerpots and gardening gloves, and lived in terror of the gardener, only coming out when he went to lunch and hiding in their pots if he emerged. They always seemed to have done something naughty, and the programme revolved around whether it was Bill or Ben who had been up to no good. Their friend, Little Weed, a sad-looking flower and also terrified of the gardener, would warn them of his approach with a cry of "Weeeeeeee-d!"

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