Bill Benners is an actor, who is best known in the Machinima community as the man who voiced such characters as Sith, Grimjack, and General Ravell in Devil's Covenant (made by Clan Phantasm) and Sleipner in Arcadia (being made by UnFramed Productions)

He has also been quite active on the production side of other work of Clan Phantasm, acting as sound engineer for another project that they were working on.

Bill has also done sound engineering work for Tritin Films

Directed and Produced many stage productions including, I'll Be Back Before Midnight ('89), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ('92), The Little Foxes ('93),and The Glass Menagerie ('94). Performed leading roles in many many more going back to 1969. Wrote the never performed outdoor drama, Blackbeards Final Conquest ('82).

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