Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari
Model Number: CX26104
Rarity: 4 Scarce+
Year of Release: 1983
Programmer: Christopher Omarzu

The Children's Television Workshop and Atari present the latest in their series of stupid games for stupid children. In Big Bird Egg Catch you get to guide Big Bird through the chicken coop as he attempts to catch all of the eggs from his prized chickens.

This is a rather simple game designed for very young children. It requires the Atari Kid's Controller, although the Atari Keyboard Controller and the Star Raider's controller will also work (but the overlay won't fit on them). Big Bird can move left and right at the bottom of the screen. While several chickens occupy the top portion of the screen. The chickens lay slow moving eggs into pipes that zigzag toward the bottom of the screen. Positioning Big Bird under the correct pipe causes him to catch the egg (and score a point).

This is not from the manual, it is a parody and a retelling of the story from the manual, which was far too long to include in its original form in this writeup. This parody is legal according to the rules listed under E2 FAQ: Copyrighted Material.

It was sunrise on Big Bird's farm. "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" crowed the most annoying rooster that you have ever seen. "Wake up you big yellow bird!"

Farmer Big Bird (unrelated to construction worker Big Bird and not a member of the Village People) leaped from his giant nest and rushed to the hen house to see how his four favorite hens were doing this morning.

"Hello my dear little chickens!" Big Bird suggested with a twinkle in his eye, tossing wide the hen house door and standing with his giant yellow body filling the door.

But all four of the hens were sleeping soundly.

"Wake up! Wake up!" cried Big Bird. "Today is our big day! Today we enter the egg-laying contest at the county fair. The hens who lay the most eggs will win a big prize."

But, alas, the four lazy little hens just wiggled a little bit and snuggled down into a deeper sleep.

"But you have to wake up!" cried Big Bird. "this is what we having been working for, for so long.

Henrietta Hen opened up just one tired little black eye and looked up at Farmer Big Bird. "Well that is the problem, Big Bird," she clucked. "We have all been practicing our egg- laying for so long that we are all very tired. I doubt we could even manage a good cluck right now. I really doubt I could lay even a single egg."

"Holy snikies!, what should I do?" thought Big Bird as he wandered in the general direction of his nest in search of an early morning pick me up. "How can I get my chickens to clucking again?"

Big Bird was beginning to feel a real depression come on as he searched out his breakfast. He casually picked up a box of his favorite seed and glanced at the label: "BIRDSEED - Breakfast of Champions! Helps Build Bigger Beaks 12 Ways!"

"Ureka!" exclaimed Big Bird. "I know what I have to do!"

Hefting the package of birdseed high into the air, Big Bird dashed off to meet the hens. "I have something for you ladies," he called out. "Eat some of this, and we will win the contest for sure."

The tired little chickens began eating the birdseed and a strange thing happened. They started flapping their wings, and letting out the loudest clucks you ever heard.

"Big Bird, what time does the egg-laying contest start, we just might make it?" asked Emily Hen.

"Yes, we must make haste right away, or we will miss the contest!" said Gertrude Chicken.

"This is great, I think I could lay a whole carton of eggs faster than you can say Ice Ice Baby!" clucked Henrietta Hen.

"Well I just might decide to lay a GOLDEN EGG!" screeched Brenda the Banty Hen.

And they were off like slow winged racehorses, heading for the county fair contest.

The contest was long and fierce, and Big Bird didn't know if his chickens could win, as the judge approached the platform Big Bird was on the verge of a heart attack, he was just that excited. Did they do it, did the win first prize?

"And this year's winner of the GOLDEN EGG award is..." The judge paused just long enough for a muppet who looked a whole lot like Tim Curry to shout "Say it", meanwhile Big Bird was hiding his head beneath his wings. "Big Bird!" exclaimed the judge, "and his four fine fowls!"

Everyone clapped and laughed and streamers and balloons mysteriously fell from the sky and Big Bird was triumphant once again.

Collectors Information

This game like all educational games was rather unpopular. It came with an overlay for the Atari Kid's Controller. This overlay is much harder to find than the cartridge is. The game alone is valued at around $8 USD. As always, games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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