Biffo is an insulting Irish acronym:

Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly
Offaly being a county in the Irish midlands, and as such pretty nondescript. As this is a pretty specific insult, it is not really that commonly used. It is widely used, however, to refer to Brian Cowen, the current Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Irish government. Mr Cowen is one of Ireland's most senior politicians, who can be seen strutting the world stage in company with the likes of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Romano Prodi, so you might expect that the Irish people would afford him the respect due to such an eminent personage. Mr Cowen, however, is saddled with the appearance and speech of a corpulent unschooled individual from the deepest midlands, and as such the appellation "Biffo" has stuck to him.

A related acronym is Buffalo: Big Ugly Fucker From Around Laois/Offaly. This is even more rarely used, despite its potential application to the denizens of more than one midlands county.

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