UK rapper/singer

Real name Alison Clarkson, and half Malaysian, half Scottish, Betty Boo is named after the cartoon character Betty Boop but had to change her name slightly to avoid copyright problems.

She has released two albums Boomania and GRRR! It's Betty Boo. The latter is slightly more mellow than the former. Her style is unashamedly light hearted, and her videos are instantly recognisable due to their cartoony nature.

Her arrival in the charts was with Hey DJ - I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playing) in 1989, which reached number 7, followed in 1990 by Doin' The Do (No.7), and Where Are You Baby (No.3). Her music was also used in the Bitmap Brothers game Magic Pockets. She vanished from the limelight in 1994 to look after her sick mother.

Betty wrote and produced most of her own material, and wrote 'Pop Stars' winners Hear'Say's debut single Pure and Simple (No.1)




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