Bert Trautmann is one of the most iconic names in English footballing history, which is odd given that he was a German goalkeeper plying his trade in a 1950's Britain which was still deeply anti-German.

Trautmann is best known for his performance during the 1956 FA Cup final, where he helped his side Manchester City to a 3-1 win over Birmingham City. It wasn't until the game was finished that it was revealed Bert had played for the majority of the second half with a broken neck. Obviously, at any period, this would be a phenomenal display of footbaling heroism, but it's doubly amazing considering that it was acheived at a time when goalkeepers recieved no protection whatsoever from referees, and were routinely bundled into their own goals by opposition strikers. Which is probably how Bert got his neck broken in the first place.

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