"Beneath the Lion Rock" is the name of a Cantonese song. Lion Rock refers to a mountain (also called Lion Rock Mountain)in the New Territories in Hong Kong. The song and the Chinese lyrics are the masterpieces written by the legendary Cantonese songwriter James Wong (üS?1941-2004),who is considered as one of the most talented contemporary musicians in Hong Kong.This song is an emblem of the rally and hardship of Hong Kong's people in adversities. Its lyrics are often quoted by celebrity to encourage people. The pre-Financial Secretary of government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR),Antony Leung, quoted the lyrics at the end of his annual financial report to encourage Hong Kong people to stay strong and united in the times after the catastrophic Aisan financial turmoil.

The Lyrics in English translation:

Happiness is a certainty in life,
though there are times of tears,
Eversince we met beneath this Lion Rock,
there are more smiles more than sighs.

There are unavoidable obstacles in life,
Though journeys are without their woes & worries,
let’s make this journey together since we live beneath this Lion Rock,
cast away the divisive boundaries & row in sync/accord.

Release the rock (burden) u carry in your heart,
and pursue the dreams that binds us/ (that we share),
As Folks sharing the same boat, all promising to follow,
with no fear & without woe.

Setting afloat together at the corner of the globe, towards the boundary of the sky,
we shall find common ground amidst adversities hand in hand,
Because together, we are writing HK’s success amongst hardship with our hard work

P.S. To whom can help me: I could post Chinese words with no problem in the very beginning. But I could not do any more after that...In the first time, E2 would automatically translate my Chinese into codes like &#NNNNN, N=number. Now, the characters just mess up.

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