Beloit college is a small (~1300 student) liberal arts college located in Beloit, Wisconsin.

It's an odd place.

Bearing resemblances to Grinnell, Kenyon, and others of their ilk, Beloit officially focuses on academic rigor, and the courses are good. But enough of this--on to the fun stuff:

Setting: Ahh, scenic belwah. The campus is pretty, but the college is set in the town of Beloit, a small, dying industrial town torn apart by racial hatred. There are trees and a river, though. Town life, to the best of my knowledge, consists of a grocery store, a few bus stops, and several liquor stores. There's also and ancient French water tower.

Student population: There's an interesting setup at Beloit. There are, regrettably, three fraternities and three sororities on campus, by each of these six is smaller than the Beloit science fiction and fantasy association. BSSFA rules over the campus with an iron fist. They control the student government by using the unsportsmanlike tactic of always showing up for their meetings, the bastards.

I will post more when I do.

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