American rustler and character. Belle was noted for her skill on a horse and for her prodigious command of earthy language. She married a desperado named Jim Reed in 1872, who died just two years later. Belle then worked in a Dallas livery stable, which she used as a cover for selling her friends' rustled stock. In 1880, she married an Indian named Sam Starr and moved to Indian territory. The Starrs spent 1883 in the Detroit Penitentiary for horse theft. Sam died in 1886, and Belle was killed by an unknown gunman while riding near her Oklahoma home in 1889.

Once, when her husband lost $2,000 playing faro, Belle retrieved it, along with another $5,000, at gunpoint. Another time, while riding with her husband, a gust of wind blew her hat off. She waved a pistol at her husband and bellowed, "Get down there and pick it up, you ignorant bastard! Haven't you got any manners when you're with ladies?"

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