Belial Arisen
By Black Funeral
1996/2000 Behemoth Productions

The Demonlatry, Vampire worshipper and Chaos Magician Michael Ford returned under the guise of Black Funeral with this release, a record that musically was recorded in 1996, right before Ford decided to split with black metal for his Industrial setting in Psychonaut 75, but was never completed. In 2000 Ford decided to ressurect Black Funeral with this release with vocals newly recorded, and newly written lyrics. Although this may sound suspicious, in the end the creation titled Belial Arisen is one of Black Funeral finest records.

The production is very distant and very bad, people who find Transilvanian Hunger hard to listen to must stay very, very far away from Belial Arisen, for like all Black Funeral's recordings, this is nearly ambient. Very often it feels like the whole recording is some sort of ritual to rise devils and demons. Songs are also on here about Werewolves ("Lycanthropy and Flames") and Vampires ("Varcolaci"), and you will notice that all lyrics are absolutely excellent, and are perfect for the music. Ford really knows his stuff when it comes to the dark occult matters. I am very impressed.

This is one of the most ambient and atmospheric black metal records I have heard, unlike something like Filosofem it does not remind me of dark woods and fairy tales so much, as dark tombs, crumbled castles and movies like both Nosferatu movies or the 1930's Dracula. It also makes me very interested in the study of such subjects, which feeds on my own interest and obsession with Vampires, werewolves etc. The demon stuff I find less interesting, but is well done on here as well.

This certainly is not for the faint hearted, for it is some of the truest and blackest black metal I have ever heard. But for adventurous and stout hearted listeners I can't suggest Black Funeral, and in particular this release enough.

Track Listing
1. Infernal Majesty
2. Book of Belial
3. Antichrist Rising
4. Varcolaci
5. Lycanthropy and Flames
6. Light of Satanael
7. The Crimson Dragon

"Pure Black Metal based on Lycanthropy, Vampirism and the Image of Demonolatry"

Recorded musically in 1996, and vocals completed in October 2000.
Musicians, Session member Abberoth and Nachttoter, a.k.a Michael Ford.

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