Exists in almost all forms of Rock climbing, the person on the other end of the rope. Many times this person will be referred to by other names, and these are important, because HOW you belay changes depending on where or what sort of belaying you are doing. However, if you are going to be safe in rock climbing, it's just like the Sith, ALWAYS there are two. A climber and a belay person.

This person has the most important job to do, and that is to keep the climber safe. They do this primarily by being on belay, that is, keeping the rope in the system at an appropriate length, and stopping rope from feeding into the system in the event of a fall (hence the name belay person).

Because they are watching the climber at all times from the beginning of the route till the climber has completed the route and is safely anchored or on the ground, They are in a position to call the climbers attention to dangerous situations, such as times when falling with anchors as they presently are will cause a swing into some pointy rocks.

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