Is it a Bar or is it a Salon? It’s a Bar that looks like a Salon!

The original Beauty Bar is in New York’s East Village. It opened in 1995, taking the place of Thomas Beauty Salon. The Beauty Bar that I have encountered resides in San Francisco’s Mission district, on the corner of 19th and Mission. Beauty Bar SF opened in 1998 and was modeled after the original, complete with pink walls, Manicure Booths and 70’s hair drying chairs strewn about the place. You can get a manicure while having a Cosmopolitan or a glass of vodka. Don’t forget to try one of the novelty drinks, such as The Prell, The Shampoo or The Aqua Net.

Beauty Bar SF hosts some pretty hip D.J.’s on almost every night of the week. The variety of these D.J.’s spans from Friday’s 60's Soul, New Wave, Hip Hop, and Rock'n'Roll to Saturday’s Electric Mix of music to move to. Monday’s ‘Gypsy’s Curse’ – dark and lovely music to Tuesday’s ‘Beauty and the Beat’ – electric mixes with electric drinks.

This bar is small so expect to see standing room only from Thursday to Saturday night. The drinks are strong and the eye candy is plentiful.

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