Beau Woes and Other Problems of Modern Day Life, from Rounder Records, 1986, is Christine Lavin's fourth album and a nice mix of funny and poignant songs. If you're looking for an album that the whole family will enjoy, this is it.

  1. Amoeba Hop (funny)
  2. Summer Weddings (poignant)
  3. Prince Charles (funny)
  4. Gettin' Used to Leavin' (poignant)
  5. Camping (funny)
  6. Ballad of a Ballgame (poignant)
  7. Doris and Edwin: The Movie (funny)
  8. Roses from the Wrong Man (poignant)
  9. Air Conditioner (funny)
  10. All I Have To Do Is Dream/A Summer Song (poignant)
  11. Biological Time Bomb (funny)
  12. The Moment Slipped Away (poignant)

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