Transforms from cassette to gorilla and back!


"Speak now if you intend to ever speak at all."

His violent temper often overcomes his natural curiosity. More willing to whittle down his captives with his fists than with his words. Few survive his interrogations long enough to reveal anything useful. Can record up to 6000 hours of testimony. Equipped with two compression cannons, which crush a target with tons of compressed air pressure. Combines with Squawktalk to form robot Squawkbox.

  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Speed: 3
  • Endurance: 6
  • Rank: 6
  • Courage: 7
  • Firepower: 4
  • Skill: 3
Transformers Tech Specs

Beastbox was a somewhat awkward-looking pink-purplish gorilla with no knees and two large weapons attached to his back. For whatever reason, the Transformers designers were compelled to add new cassettes to their lineups every single year (up until this one), and this time they actually came up with something a little different. Swiping an idea from the Duocons of last year, the two cassettes turned into independent animals and then could combine into a single larger robot. Fairly cool in both theory and practice; it's just too bad that the combined robot Squalkbox didn't rate a tech spec of his own.

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