Bay City, MI, somewhere between a small town and a big city, on the Saginaw Bay, which is often known only for its proximity to the more industrial Saginaw, MI and the more affluent Midland, MI. Together, these three cities are known as the Tri-Cities of Mid-Michigan. Bay County's population can be estimated at around 110,000.

Founded as a town centered on the lumber industry in the mid-19th century, Bay City was home to multiple shipbuilding centers, and became a harbor town with residents on both sides of the Saginaw River.

In the present day, however, Bay City has shifted to a more service-oriented economy, and an increasing number of elderly residents and children make the school system and hospital top employers in the city. Also of note is General Motors' Powertrain plant, which employs over 100 residents as well.

High-school graduates of the Bay City Public Schools are most likely to attend either Delta College, Saginaw Valley State University, or Central Michigan University.

Of course, someday, Bay City will be most famous because it was my birthplace.

What's exciting in Bay City? Try, an online newspaper, or if you want to move there. :)

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