These are the collected Rules of Professor Bart Miller. Primarly things that he repeats or prefaces with "This is important." The names of the rules have been designated by Caitlin.

All of these rules applied in the context of the lectures given; no guarantee that they'll apply for you.

Bart's rule of interrupts
The only way to enter an operating system is through an interrupt.

Bart's rule of binary semaphores
In general, initialize a binary semaphore to one.

Bart's rule of condition variables
Condition variables are always private.

Bart's rule of power
Two mechanisms have equal power if you can implement one in terms of the other and vice versa.
Power is expressiveness or logical equivalence. Power is not efficiency.

Bart's rule of brain cell usage
You only have so many brain cells. You may choose to kill them by thinking, or you may choose to kill them with beer.
Minimize the number of brain cells spent thinking.
Erik's Selection
Vodka kills the weak brain cells, so you're left with the strong smarter ones
Mark's comment on Erik's Selection
Gin targets the pacifist brain cells, leaving only the mean ones behind

Bart's rule of pointcast
Don't run pointcast.

Bart's rule of scheduling
If you can't tell, it doesn't matter.
Bart's rule of critical sections
Never block in a critical section.

Bart's rule of global variables
Global variables are evil.
Corollary A
Never, never use public data members.
Corollary B
If you think you need public data members, see Corollary A

Bart's rule of pages
Variable length things are evil.

Bart's rule of virtual memory
There is no relationship between the size of the virtual address and the size of the physical address.

Bart's rule of trace files
A trace file never gives you the information you want.

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