Barcroft Boake was born in Sydney, New South Wales in 1866. Boake received a superior education for the time in various fields of study, which led him to the task of taking surveyors into the Snowy River country. He then took a position as a boundary rider and drover on a cattle station turning his back on the city and fleeing into the countryside. He believed bush life to be “the only life worth living.” In 1888, a joke played on the author nearly left him devoid of life as some friends hung him from a tree. He became obsessed with the experience and wrote two separate accounts of it. A family emergency drove him back to Sydney in 1891, but unable to deal with the financial and personal pressures that awaited him there he disappeared from home a year later. Eight days later he was found hanging by the neck from a stockwhip.

His works include:

  1. An Allegory
  2. At the “J.C.”
  3. Bushman’s Love, A
  4. Demon Snow-Shoes, The
  5. Devlin’s Siding, At
  6. Digger’s Song, The
  7. Down the River
  8. Easter Rhyme, An
  9. Featherstonhaugh
  10. How Babs Malone Cut Down the Field
  11. How Polly Paid For Her Keep
  12. Jack Corrigan
  13. Jack’s Last Muster
  14. Jim’s Whip
  15. Jimmy Wood
  16. Josephus Riley
  17. Kitty McCrae
  18. Memory, A
  19. On the Boundary
  20. On the Range
  21. Our Visitor
  22. Skeeta
  23. Song, A
  24. ’Twixt the Wings of the Yard
  25. Where the Dead Men Lie

These will all be linked and updated as the poems are noded. ;)

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