Barbara Wright was another member of the original TARDIS crew from the series Doctor Who, played by Jacqueline Hill.

Barbara travelled through time and space through the same set of stories as the other contemporary character, Ian, from An Unearthly Child to the end of The Chase. She was a history teacher, quite a handy character to have on hand for explaining historical information to the audience when they happened to land in a convenient spot in Earth's history.

Barbara was much more ready to accept unusual situations than Ian, calmly accepting that if the TARDIS was much bigger on the inside than the outside then it probably could travel in time and space as well. However, she was an idealist, and when the TARDIS landed in an Aztec city and she was proclaimed the reincarnation of their high priest she declared that there were to be no more sacrifices - which resulted in one of the more famous lines from The First Doctor and nearly the death of all four travellers.

The high points of Barbara's travels include killing a giant sand monster with a flare gun, being almost dead from poisoning by the most deadly insecticide ever made whilst one inch in height, meeting at various times Marco Polo, Nero, Saladin and Kublai Khan, digging mines for a giant spider, and she also met the Daleks three times.

But you can't rewrite history! Not one line! - The Doctor, to Barbara; The Aztecs

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