Wife of Theodore Olson and close personal friend of Ken Starr. A founder of the Independent Women's Forum, itself an offshoot of MSNBC host Laura Ingraham's "Women for (Clarence) Thomas" group. A gifted prosecutor, and lead counsel for the committee that handled the "Travelgate" and "Filegate" investigations. Oddly, none of her many connections (she's also on hyperconservative Senator Nickles' payroll, even as she ascends into the punditocracy) are ever mentioned when she does her frequent talking-head show appearances. Author of Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a further contribution to the hysterical noise of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

On September 11, 2001, Mrs. Olson was on American Airlines Flight 77, headed from Washington, DC to Los Angeles when it was hijacked and eventually kamikazed into The Pentagon. She was able, for a few minutes, to call her husband Ted (now U.S. Solicitor General under president George W. Bush) during the airborne events -- "Can you believe this? We are being hijacked." Mrs. Olson was 45.

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