Banana Catsup

In the Philippines, one particular condiment that stands out is Banana Catsup. The most popular brand is UFC Banana Catsup.

The condiment is found in virtually every Filipino home, and accounts for a whopping 95 percent of the so-called red sauce market, which includes sweet chili sauce and hot sauce.

This condiment has a somewhat particular sweet-sour taste. One cannot even discern the taste of bananas in it. It is usually served with fried meats such as chicken and pork chops. In the Philippines, this is even used as the base for spaghetti (Filipino's even put sliced hotdogs in it) and pizza (again with hotdogs) instead of tomato sauce.

Last July 2001, Heinz has partnered with Nutri-Asia, the holding firm of Universal Food Corp to introduce their brand of tomato ketchup in the Philippines. Although, this venture would not change the taste of filipinos for the Banana catsup, this partnership may in the long term introduce this condiment commercially in the United States.

Banana Catsup can be bought at different Asian Food Stores. Other brands of banana catsup are Mafran, and Jufran.

For those who cannot procure this sweet-sour red blend, the website below has a recipe for this condiment.

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