Bambino, the figure of our Savior represented as an infant in swaddling clothes. The "Santissimo Bambino" in the Church of Ara Coeli at Rome, a richly decorated figure carved in wood, is believed to have a miraculous virtue in curing diseases.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Bam*bi"no (bäm*bE"nO), n. [It., a little boy, fr. bambo silly; cf. Gr. bambali`zein, bambai`nein, to chatter.]

A child or baby; esp., a representation in art of the infant Christ wrapped in swaddling clothes.


© Webster 1913

Bam*bi"no (?), n.; It. pl. -ni (#). [It.]

A child or baby; specif., a representation in art of the infant Christ.


© Webster 1913

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