Many men have a greater complex than the size of their penis. The penis is a hidden part of the body that could theoretically only be exposed to one's significant other without debate/debauchery or ridicule, while one's head is easily visible by anyone and everyone.

I have been losing my hair slowly since I was 17. I still have a 85% of my hair but by the time I am 30 I predict I will be bald. I have been quite nervous about this. Insecure is a better word. I have really hated this seemingly dominate male trait (carried on the X chromosone) until the other day.

I was doing some research on hair follicles and discovered that testosterone has a huge affect on baldness. Male baldness is primarily due to a lower estrogen to testosterone ratio than "normal" men. The increased testosterone accelerates the second-messanger initiated hair follicle death. This increased pseudo-testosterone concentration in the blood also increases a man's virility making them a prime "stud" in cultures past. In ancient Egyptian and Chinese times, baldness meant strength and sexual potency. It was an honour to be bald.

Although these thoughts are not the norm in our Western Society, one day we may return to this realization and will in fact give honour to all those hairless heads.

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