Even though his two brothers were totally stupid, Third Little Piggy still let them come into his brick house and hang and smoke some of his doobies with him. It was totally cool, man.

Third snorted and giggled. "Fuckin' hay man! Like… REALLY DUDE?!"

"Hey, man," First began to retort, but was too giggly to continue. All three giggled some more.

"Aw, dude, I am so fuckin' stoned," Second said, reclining as much as the recliner would let him. He stared up at the ceiling, which was gathering swirls of smoke. "This should, like, be a stone house, dude!"

Giggle fits abounded.

Third waddled through the smoky haze over to his iPad to start playing some music.

She's a brick… HOUSE!, she's mighty mighty
And she's lettin' it all hang out and she's a brick… HOUSE
And like lady's stacked and that's the fact…

Third crunched his eyes and danced merrily to the funky funk.

"BRICK HOUSE!" exclaimed First. He doubled over in laughter as the song continued.

"Dude, you should, like, play some Styx!" Second said.

Third suddenly paused. Then pointed at Second. "OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!" He giggled uncontrollably. As he did so he happened to glance at the sun-shined window. "Whoah!"

"What?" asked First.

"Dudes, it’s the fucking wolf! And he looks, like, mega pissed!"

"Dude, that wolf," said Second, "he, like, BLOWS!" First giggled so hard he dropped his joint.

"Oh, shit!" Third said. "He has, like, fuckin' DYNAMITE!"

Oh, bummer. That party was, like, totally over, dudes.


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