A daily online cartoon, available from http://www.badtech.com/

Created by James Sharman, BadTech shows the daily adventures of the BadTech game company, and its weird staff.

Which includes:

  • Alan, the CEO (who doesn't have the slightest clue about computer games)
  • Geoff, the network administrator (who knows that a little network outage every once in a while will secure his job)
  • Fiona, the secretary (yes, she's female!)
  • John, the project manager (which project?)
  • Dave, the lead programmer (yes, he can code, but he won't do it during his worktime, because that's when he plays Quake!)
  • Simon, the lead designer (he has nice green hair and a Mandelbrot set on his shirt, so he must be an artist)
  • Neil, the resident psychopath (also an artist, and obviously Hannibal Lecter's apprentice)
  • Sam, Alan's nephew (4 L337 H4X0R <1D)

Check it out, it's really funny!
Unlike other online cartoons, it's not hand-drawn, but rendered 3D graphics. If you can see behind the rather primitive looks (the wallpaper can drive you crazy), you'll find lots of geek humor, and references to modern-day computer culture inside.

Thanks to Gefi, for getting me into BadTech!

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