A BSD-derived commercial OS which used to be a good choice for web servers (before FreeBSD became more solid), but now has some disadvantages compared to FreeBSD and Linux, including:

  • Costs too much. BSDI used to be fairly inexpensive ($100 or so), but the current version costs $995 ($2995 for a source code license!).
  • Expensive source code.

Not as good as FreeBSD or Linux and a lot more expensive, but at least it's better than SCO.

An extraordinarily stable BSD derivative for i386 PC compatibles, created by the late BSDi, and eventually sold to Wind River Systems. A great deal of code from BSD/OS was shared with the FreeBSD project, which probably has something to do with FreeBSD 5's greatly improved SMP.

Many ISP's were fond of BSD/OS, and source licenses were both available and relatively affordable.

Unfortunately, Wind River Systems is mostly an embedded systems company, and BSD/OS does not appear to fit into their future plans. As of December 31, 2003, they plan to stop selling BSD/OS internet server, with support to end one year afterwards.

A piece of Unix history will die with it.

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