Azren; the Dream killer strikes again!

Azren, also known as Azren Kuba or Azren Kuguza is a spirit from the Cheremis/Mari people of the former oh so great Soviet Republic. Azren is called an angel of death as the spirit helper of a Keremet or devil. Some even think that an Azren is a Keremet in it's own right. Azren manifest himself or herself as an Azren Kuguza, which meant an Azren Old Women, or Azren Kuba, which meant Azren Old Man. They are usually described as having the appearance of a Tartar whom is very thin and so tall his, or her, head touches the roof.

Only the dying see Azren. They appear in dreams foretelling of the dreamer’s demise. Azren are always armed, holding a knife, club, even a stereo-typical scythe, etc. The sharper the object, the quicker the death. The blunt objects represent a slow and agonizing death. Azren are said to crush little children between two boards. The spirit is propitiated with the death of a chicken. This is NOT someone I would like to meet in a dark dream.

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