Authoritarian parents make the rules, expect unquestioned obedience from their children, punish misbehavior, and value obedience and authority. “Because I said so” is considered a sufficient reason for obedience. Parents using this parenting style tend to be uncommunicative, unresponsive, and somewhat distant. Parent’s failure to provide a rationale for rules makes it hard for children to see any reason to follow them. The “Because I said so” technique may be effective when the parent is present but is ineffective when the parent is not around. This parenting style has been associated with low intellectual performance and lack of social skills, especially in boys. Extremely authoritarian parents tend to respond with anger when not blindly obeyed. This has potentially negative long-term consequences. In fact, anger is precisely the wrong emotion to direct at children if they are to thrive, to achieve, to be well adjusted and happy, and to become effective parents in the next generation.

Source: The World of Psychology 4th edition.

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