On all coins the obverse side shows an image of the Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse side mostly depicts Australian native fauna.

The 5c coin has the echidna or spiny ant-eater, one of the 2 egglaying mammals in the world.

The 10c coin shows a male lyrebird dancing, it's magnificent tail spread and thrown forward over it's head.

The 20c coin shows the only other egg-laying mammal, the platypus.

The 50c coin carries the coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Australia.

These coins are cupro-nickel. The $1 coin portrays five kangaroos and has interrupted milling on the edge to assist the visually impaired.

The $2 coin has the bust of an aborigine against the background of the Southern Cross.

These coins are made of aluminium-bronze.

Sometimes the 20c, 50c, and $1 coins are minted with a special design for commemorative purposes and are circulated.

A $5 coin, a $10 coin (made of sterling silver) and a $200 coin (made of 22 carat gold) have been minted but are not generally circulated, although they are legal tender.

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